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Stop under-earning and over-working, be financially independent & start making REAL money

Yay, you’re here!

You want to make REAL money, take a whole lot of zero guilt holidays and live the Scrooge McDuck dream (I'm talking bathing in your basement gold pool)...

And you want to be free to choose who you work with and when. No more working with anyone just for the money.


Right now you want more from your business...

    • More clients – the kind that are the most fun and leave you energised not drained
    • To know what to do, rather than doing all the things, being tied to your laptop/phone and crossing your fingers
    • Money! You can’t wait to finally be in a financial position to quit the day job, be financially independent (from your partner or credit cards), or double your income (so you can go on fancy holidays, buy a Pinterest-worthy home, or actually have some savings and a pension)
    • Fun – you want to actually enjoy the process. Running your own business was supposed to be more fun that working for someone else, right? You want to work with the best people, have time to do some creative stuff just because and love all the business stuff

    This is for you if you're...

    • A creative or wedding business owner (photographers, designers, coaches, healers, all those good things and more…)
    • Riding that rollercoaster of doom – you know the one where one minute you’ve got a whole lot of enquiries and you’re busy, busy…and the next literally nothing is happening and you’re off posting obsessively on social media wondering if that’s even where your clients are
    • Hella ambitious and ready to make bank! You want to be a mega success and money is a great way to measure that, to let you live the life you want and be a force for good in the world (you know, if you want…personally I just want to smuggle a black market raccoon into the UK as an insta-friendly pet)
    • You want more clients in a consistent and repeatable way – you’re sick of worrying about where your next client is coming from and pondering what “normal jobs” you’re qualified for if you don’t get some money in soon
    • You want total ownership over your success – if you’re bad at asking for help, you’re my people, I’m a recovering lone wolf. Don’t worry, hiring a coach in no way means that you’re not 100% responsible for all those clients you’re going to serve or that money you’re going to blow on a gaudy weekend in Vegas
    • And to that point…you’re willing to do the work. This is a collaboration. I’ll give you the tools, I’ll even help you get your brain in gear so it’s ready to do the work. But, don’t you be coming to me expecting to get a business in a box, that’s not what I’m about. We’re going to create a business that works for you together and you’re going to walk away with the skills to keep repeating and growing that success well after our coaching relationship is over
    “Thanks for an ‘oh shit yes’ moment in every call!”

    – Nads, wedding & dog photographer

    The Signature Programme – Booked Out & Making Bank

    Have you already done a million courses, watched all the videos and you feel like you already know everything but it’s not working?

    Are you beginning to worry there’s just something wrong with you, you’re not good at this or success in business just isn’t for you?

    I get it. And it’s BS.

    Your brain needs a loving kick in the butt. And some solid direction.

    I’ve gone from no clients to a full-time income in two separate businesses (wedding photography and business coaching). And let me tell you – it was never about getting better at the job. It was always about knowing my goal was non-negotiable – being a failed small business stat wasn’t an option – and getting under the skin of my clients with some mega effective (and cheap…ahem…free) marketing.

    So how do we get this show on the road?

    It’s mega simple. I coach one-to-one. That means you get my undivided attention for an hour a week, plus email support between calls.

    I guide you through my signature programme – Booked Out & Making Bank – focusing on marketing strategy and mindset coaching.

    Get in touch and tell me everything!

    How it works

    • Weekly 1:1 custom coaching calls (1 hour)
    • 6 months programme
    • Unlimited Voxer support between calls (voice and text messaging – so your questions are answered faster)
    • Access to my online Tech-free SEO course (to get you on the front page of Google)
    • Access to my library of resources – including content prompts, plug & play docs, checklists and worksheets
    • Powerful exercises to do in your own time (it’s like homework, but homework you can’t wait to do)
    • A website, branding & SEO review to ensure you’re set up for success

    What to expect

    • Clear and mega exciting goals (“making ends meet” is not exciting)
    • Understanding your why – what drives you, what your clients will love you for and what to focus on when things get tough
    • All your money shit sorted – no more self-imposed income ceilings
    • A niche that is both profitable and hella fun for you to work in
    • A brand that makes you and your clients feel fired up and fiercely loyal
    • Marketing like a mind-reader- you’ll be so spot on, your clients will be mildly suspicious that you’ve got their houses bugged
    • Pricing that is easy to sell, represents your value (not what everyone else is charging) and has you flying towards your goals
    • Systems, a solid action plan and clear way forward

    By the end of our 6 month coaching relationship you’ll be out of your soul-sucking day job, or totally financially independent from your partner (or overdraft and credit cards), or planning a massive trip with your doubled income.

    You’ll also have experienced some fringe benefits. You’ll believe in the possibility of impossible things. You’ll know you’re capable of anything. You’ll be more courageous, fierce and self-assured. And you’ll probably have a tan from that amazing holiday you took with all your mooooney.

    Oh...and you’ll probably be covered in bruises from that Scrooge McDuck swimming pool thing - why was he swimming in coins?!

    It's time to stop playing small.

    Stop making no money and thinking that's just part of it hey starving artist.

    And start living big with a bold brand, bulletproof brain and serious money.

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    What now?

    Are you ready for more money? And clients that are the most fun, pay you more and refer business your way?

    Get in touch and tell me a little about your business…or don’t do that but tell me your favourite cheesy song, so that I can have that pumping in the background when I reply to you.

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    “Hannah made it feel really easy to do and created a plan that was manageable and above all, successful!”