Build a life less meh & more fuck yeah

Life coaching for 30-somethings who thought they'd be further by now...and want to create something fucking spectacular, like, yesterday

1:1 life & Business coaching

Why is your life feeling so meh?

For starters, you definitely aren’t having enough kitchen dance parties. 💃

You’re working your butt off for goals that someone else told you that you needed.

If you want to be a skinny millionaire, with 10 perfectly behaved kids and a big wedding ring on your finger…we will make that shit happen.

But…you don’t NEED that to be happy.

In fact, that might actually not be it at all.

Straight out of the womb, you were plonked on a conveyor belt of expectations, social norms and 1950s definitions of success. 

And you’re so busy running towards the next thing on the list, that you haven’t looked down and realised you can just hop off the conveyor belt and choose to do it your way.

You’re bombarded with messages every moment of the day…that tell you what you’re supposed to be doing and that you’re not there yet. And you should really get a move on because everyone else is lapping you.

And, let’s be brutally honest, you probably don’t like yourself that much.

You’re harbouring this belief that you’re deficient in some way and that’s why you aren’t checking all the boxes your friends are.

This is not how it’s supposed to be.

You are never going to create a life you love, while you keep agreeing with all the voices that tell you that you don’t deserve it and you’re not good enough.

Which is why you're here, right? You're ready to love yourself, define success for yourself (and then create it) and stop waiting to feel like you're really living.


This is 30s?


Doing what you’re supposed to do

Deprogramming a life-time of expectation & other peoples goals

Judging and hating yourself

loving yourself

Avoiding action (hi netflix, overeating, drinking, drugs, scrolling)


meaningful action (that leaves you less busy & overwhelmed)

Let me break it down...


I help you with your whole damn life (and your business, if that’s your thing).

Because I know that it’s not just one thing…it feels like all the things

So, whether you think you need to make more money, free up more time, lose weight, find the love of your life, or the thousands of other things buzzing around in your head…it all starts in the same place.

⚡ Deprogramming a lifetime of mega unhelpful beliefs to reveal what you actually want

⚡ Falling head-over-heels in love with yourself 

⚡ Taking not-overwhelming action towards your true goals

I’m your partner in crime, heavy on compassion and no BS (or woo-woo).

Our coaching will be fun. We’ll laugh. Maybe cry. And change your whole fucking life.

6 Months 1:1 Coaching

Weekly 50 minute 1:1 calls over 6 months

voxer (messaging) support between calls

free access to any groups/courses i run during our programme

What's included?

snail mail welcome pack (including secret goodies)

a friend, cheerleader, bs-detector and life you love

£2,497 (monthly payment plans available)

money back guarantee (don't reach your goal? get a full refund)

"Hannah showed me that I don't need to wait for any sort of perfect moment or do things a certain way to get stuck in and unapologetically start living my life the way I want to.

I'm so grateful for my past self for booking that very first call with Hannah and investing in her coaching. Where I was back then in life and business is totally different to where am I now, for the soooooo much better!

Hannah's coaching will change the way you live your life."

— christine

"Hannah will change your life!"

"My bookings are up 70%"

— rachel

"Hannah’s coaching has massively helped my mental health and I’m loving it. 

I did a little bit of maths, and my bookings are up 70%.

I’ve booked 26 client since I started coaching and THREE today. So your wisdom is definitely working Hannah! THANK YOU!"

"I'm so happy...Hannah literally transformed me"

"I’m so happy.

I’m making sales, busy and making lots of money whoop whoop, totally loving life right now!

Of course that’s all thanks to Hannah, she literally transformed me, if I think how I was before her, it’s crazy."

— sofia

"I will forever have a Hannah in my head"

"This is something I was sorely in need of doing...and has been something of a lifesaver! I will forever have a 'Hannah in my head' helping me to reframe and refocus how I handle things.

This has highlighted a lot of issues I knew were there, but that I had never confronted or worked through before and has helped me have a better idea how to manage them. I'm in a much better place and have much more awareness (and drive to fix them) now."

— libby

"I'm so excited"

"You have helped me through this strange time & given me hope in my business which I was on the verge of giving up on.

I’m so excited about my business now & feel my personality is showing at last!"

— donna

Feeling that nervous tingle that something else might be possible?

Come tell me more about yourself, what's holding you back and what a colourful life would look like for you. Nothing is off limits. I want to hear about the money, travel, sexy times, beachside villa, fancy haircut, whatever it is.

If we're a good fit, I'll invite you to a totally free, no pressure call, to explore what you really want, what's in the way and how we can build your dream life together.

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is that a maybe?'s another reason to stop waiting

I know that sometimes what you want feels impossible, so putting your money on the line with your fingers crossed can feel like a lot.

I only work with clients I know I can help. So I put my money where my mouth is. If you do the work and don't achieve your big goal by the end of our programme together, you'll get your money back. Simple.

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