Bringing the colour back into life after losing your self-worth

Hey, I’m Hannah Mia, certified life coach, self-love advocate & narcissistic abuse survivor.

I help women heal (without the eye rolls) and build the self-worth that’s been stolen from them.

oh and before we go any's a reminder you're not broken

I’ve been where you are - and I know that it feels like you’re moving through a black and white world (like Dorothy before she got to Oz). My coaching brings life into Technicolor - so you can not just heal, but, create an extraordinary, vibrant life.

A life without self-worth is in muted colours...let's bring the colour back

Let me give you a glimpse of where I was just a few years after choosing myself.

At 22 years old, having graduated from one of the worlds top universities (remember - I thought I was stupid), I owned my own flourishing business, was deeply in love with a wonderful man (remember - I thought I was too fat to love), had a big group of friends who I laughed a lot with (remember - I thought I was unlikable and boring) and I liked myself (remember - I thought I was inherently bad).

And I embarked on a solo US road trip for 4 months. As I drove along the wild Northern California coastline (these photos 👆🏻👉🏻 are from this trip), I burst into tears. You know, those ugly, snotty sobs they don’t do in films. I was flooded with gratitude, admiration for myself and understanding of how far I’d come.

I was completely alone, being 100% myself for the first time ever, feeling everything - life wasn’t in muted colours any more. The world was beautiful, the music I heard was rich, the warm breeze rushing through the windows made me feel alive, the sea was somehow a bluer-blue than ever.

And here’s why I’m telling you this - in that moment, I realised what I would have lost if I had given up on myself. If I hadn’t been willing to try. If I hadn’t chosen myself.

I would never have known what I was capable of, never learnt who I really was or what I enjoyed, I’d have never laughed until my stomach ached, I’d have never seen the world, I’d have never fallen in love, or had my first kiss, or had mind-blowing sex, or felt the high of being paid in my very own business for the first time.

That trip was hard…I was often lonely, scared, overwhelmed by all the time to think without distractions. But, I felt everything, the full spectrum of high and low. And it was the culmination of years of building resilience, of knowing that I was strong and could do anything. And that I was worth taking a chance on.

So, how did I get here?

Having spent the first 18 years of my life under the tyranny of a narcissistic father, I reached adulthood firmly in the red on self-worth.

I recall very clearly thinking that I had missed my opportunity in early childhood to develop the self-esteem I needed to build even a mediocre life.

I was convinced I was boring, stupid, too fat to love, unlikable, unlovable and inherently bad. I had no friends, no dreams, no hope and a very detailed suicide plan.

And then I made a choice.

I chose myself. I chose to believe in the smallest fragment of possibility that life could be different.

The journey was like stumbling around in the dark. It was clumsy, painful and I was fucking angry.

There’s a good chance you are fumbling in the dark too. Consider this the chink of light coming in under the door.

I’ve got your path. I’ve distilled 15 years of healing, therapy, counselling, coaching, self-help books, self-reflection, working with clients and certifications into my signature Internal Validation method.

My happiness was worth taking a chance on.
And so is yours.

I had created a life that was in bright, vibrant, Technicolor. Even completely alone, thousands of miles from anyone I knew, I felt loved in a way I had desperately needed as a child. Because I was there, holding my own hand, loving myself unconditionally.

This felt impossible for me. It probably feels impossible for you too right now. 

I’m asking you to take a chance on that tiny crack of light. The hope that it might be possible for you to heal. The very real truth that you are NOT broken, bad, or worthless.

You have been handed a raw deal. Someone has taken your self-worth from you. Whether it’s an abusive parent, partner, job loss, illness, body image, financial troubles. You CAN build your self-worth from scratch.

I’m here. Let’s do it together.





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