Happiness is not a luxury

Hey, I'm Hannah. Life & business coach, serial entrepreneur, world traveller.
Also fat, unmarried, childless and not sorry about it.
And yeah...it's kind of a statement to not be apologising for just existing, right?
As a woman. A fat one at that. One who luxuriates in living alone (with my dog, obvs). Who has money and spends it on "irresponsible" things.
I decided to live the absolutely most joyful, big, fun version of my life...before I checked any of the boxes I was supposed to.

and now i help women stop waiting to be happy...while creating the life they've always wanted

I used to think I had to earn happiness. I mean, literally, I had to go out and make all the money. And while I was at it, I had to lose half my body weight, win the approval of the right kind of man and make my nan proud.

Despite collecting all the qualifications and achievements, I never felt smart enough, beautiful enough, rich enough, successful enough, creative enough.

I carried a detailed checklist of what a successful woman should be. And I delayed any joy until everything was done.

I refused to take the trips I dreamed of, date the men I really wanted, spend the money I had worked so hard to make. 

Happiness isn't the reward at the end of a life of struggle, grind and doing "the right thing" - it's possible everyday

And mostly...I refused to love, value and respect myself. Because I was waiting to arrive. Waiting to be worthy.

I thought happiness was a luxury that I earned on the other side of getting my shit together.

What I know now, is that all the things I "needed" (the wildly profitable business, friends I actually liked, gorgeous men, a body I was proud of, a big, colourful, thrilling life) followed once I started prioritising my own happiness.

I coach women who are DONE WAITING...they're ready to live right now and build the life they've always wanted at the same time. My clients fall in love with themselves, their bodies, their businesses...and finally take control of creating everything they want in their lives - the money, relationships, experiences and everything in-between.


Treating everyday like a weekend, big "impossible" goals, practical mindset tools, solo travel, 80s music, dogs (yeah, just dogs).


Negative self-talk, vanity metrics, manifestation, blame, looking backwards, pointless guitar solos.


On all the coaching call, dancing in my kitchen, planning my next roadtrip.

MY simple joys:

Full-blown conversations with my dog, pinning interior design inspiration, gif-battles in my DM's.





the good doctor


find your f*ckyeah




ashes to ashes soundtrack

My Favourite Things

Travelling - I want to see everything, meet everyone and forget to take photos.

my happy place!

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Los Angeles! I've been told this isn't a popular opinion...?!

Suki. My dog. I'm a total dog bore and I'm pretty sure she's the greatest pup to ever grace the earth.

My Favourite Things

Interior design. But...you know...mainly in my mind. I do not like DIY.

my guilty pleasure

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True Crime podcasts. Over here not flinching at the horror.

Houseplants. Yes, I'm a millennial cliche...and that's OK. I have seriously dropped my plant-murder rate in the last year.

“I'm so happy, totally loving life right now! All thanks to Hannah, she literally transformed me." 


so they say:

let's work together

I know one very simple thing is true - you are capable of ANYTHING and thought work is the missing tool to help you get exactly what you want.

did we just become best friends?