Get anything you want (and ditch the rest)

It's cheesy but true - you've already got everything you need to create the most "unattainable" version of your dream life.
As your coach, I will help pull the ambitions, skills and self-belief out of you - with simple tools to think differently, feel amazing and get shit done in a fraction of the time.

1:1 life & Business coaching

You know how you think happiness is on the other side of that thing you want? But when you get it, it feels no different?
That's because ticking everything off the "what women need" list, isn't the path to a life you love. 
You already know this and you're ready for something else - achieving the goals you actually care about, loving yourself and making happiness a priority.

It's time to stop putting off creating the fun, relationships, business and life that you want until you've done everything in the right order and start living a big, exciting life NOW

You don't have to do it alone.

real talk:

How It Works

Relatable, no-woo, ways to think differently to create any result you want

thought work

Get to know the real you, what you actually want and fall in love with yourself

date yourself

Consider me The Dream Advocate...keeping you accountable to the results you want


Three years ago I had everything I wanted and I was STILL waiting

It wasn't that long ago that I was working 80 hour weeks in my business because I didn't know how to relax, over-exercising to finally be skinny enough and refusing to leave a relationship I knew was dead because it looked good on paper.

I had everything I thought I wanted and I felt lost. I was still striving for something else before I gave myself permission to have the big, vibrant, fun life I wanted.

And then I just decided "fuck it, I'm not waiting any more" start loving myself, living my life and making fun, happiness and meaning the priority everyday.

So, I travelled the world, left the relationship and started a better one, bought my first home and an investment property, doubled my income in my existing business, hired a team and launched my coaching business - matching my income in just 6 months (essentially doubling it again).

my story

and i can help you do the same.

Here's What You Need


Yeah, that thing you've heard about. You need simple, actionable steps to be as infatuated with yourself as that one crush you can never stop insta-stalking.

thought work

Your thoughts don't just happen to you...I know, right? I'll give you the tools to choose your own fuel the incredible life you want.


We've all been inspired before, resolved to make big changes...and then they haven't happened. Together, we'll discover what you really want and then I'll hold you to it.

Finally be confident that you're super amazing and deserving of great things

How does this sound?

Stop hating your body - even if it looks exactly the way it does right now



the results you're going to get:

Actually enjoy your successes and achievements


Make the money you really want, without working more hours


Create the kind of life you'd be envious of - without trying to please everyone else


"I will forever have a 'Hannah in my head' helping me to reframe and refocus"

This is something I was sorely in need of doing...and has been something of a lifesaver! I will forever have a 'Hannah in my head' helping me to reframe and refocus how I handle things.
This has highlighted a lot of issues I knew were there, but that I had never confronted or worked through before and has helped me have a better idea how to manage them. I'm in a much better place and have much more awareness (and drive to fix them) now.



Yes, It Really Works

"My bookings are up 70%."

Hannah’s coaching has massively helped my mental health and I’m loving it. 
I did a little bit of maths, and my bookings are up 70%. I’ve booked 26 clients since I started this work and THREE today.
So Hannah's wisdom is definitely working! THANK YOU!


increased her bookings by 70%

"I'm so happy...Hannah literally transformed me"

I’m so happy. I’m making sales, busy and making lots of money whoop whoop, totally loving life right now!
Of course that’s all thanks to Hannah, she literally transformed me, if I think how I was before her, it’s crazy.


is living the life she dreamed of

Is This Right For You?

You're sick of waiting to enjoy life

You have a ton of untapped potential that you don't know how to access

You're kind of embarrassed to say what you really want out loud - but it's big, thrilling and so fun

You're done trying to look like you're successful from the outside when it feels like crap on the inside

you regularly wonder "is this it?" and are wistful for a more fun, free time in your life

Feeling that nervous tingle that something else might be possible?
Come tell me more about yourself, what's holding you back and what a colourful life would look like for you. Nothing is off limits. I want to hear about the money, travel, sexy times, beachside villa, fancy haircut, whatever it is.
If we're a good fit, I'll invite you to a totally free, no pressure call, to explore what you really want, what's in the way and how we can build your dream life together.

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