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Consider this your permission don't need to check all the boxes before you start really living.

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Stop waiting to get skinny before that holiday, to make 6 figures before buying yourself something nice, for the partner to complete you, for your Instagram likes to validate you.

Confidence Coaching for Unapologetic Women

Fun, meaning and happiness do not come at the end of a completed list. They're available right now.


Create anything you want with thought work

The ultimate guide to why you - my smart, beautiful, 100% capable friend - aren't living the life you want and how to use thought work to change it.

If you've ever thought, "I'm not stupid so why can't I...make more money, find a normal partner, lose weight, make friends, feel happier?" this is for you.

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If you're finally done waiting, there are two ways we can create a life you love together.
A whole ton of personal attention in my 1:1 coaching programme or community support in my membership.

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Podcast for women who are done waiting to check all the boxes they’re supposed to before living a big, vibrant and happy life.
Join me as we create the life you want right now.

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I'm so happy, totally loving life right now! Of course, that's all thanks to Hannah, she literally transformed me. If I think how I was before our coaching, it's crazy.”



I'm Hannah, your permission-granter

Consider me your low-woo, chubby, messy-action-taking role model for finding joy, purpose and a shit-ton of fun...without ticking all of the boxes women are supposed to.

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