Life coaching for 30-somethings who thought they’d be further by now

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This is 30(s). Feeling chronically meh. Wondering if this is it.

Life is feeling a whole lot smaller and unexciting than you imagined.

And you’re like a big ball of untapped potential waiting to explode on the world. 💥

You’re pretty sure you’re not that bothered about the kids, partner, white picket fence.

But, the world hasn’t given you a model for how to live your dream.

So, you feel stuck…striving for more money, more stuff, more boxes checked. While you wait for something to click.

But, you’re not here to check boxes and “do what you’re supposed to.”

The good news is…you’re not alone.

You can choose to find your own version of success (one that really lights you up) and live that everyday.

I don’t just help my clients achieve their goals (although, let’s just say, you’ll make more money, cut out toxic relationships, love your body), but, deprogram a lifetime of meh expectations and pressures. So you can actually love the life you live.

You come out the other side…not with an even longer list of things to do, things you need to achieve and ways you need to be fixed.

But, knowing exactly what you need for the life you want, so you can ditch all the rest, stay in your own lane, climb out of the comparison blackhole and fall madly in love with the life you’re creating.

Take your 30s from MEH to F-YEAH

From MEH to F-YEAH

If you’ve ever wanted to be guided through life by a sweary, anti-woo woo, self-compassion machine…hi. 👋🏻

I don’t know about you, but, I put off “properly” working on myself for years because I wanted to vom at all this manifestation, law of attraction, vague BS.

What’s a cynical, sarcastic, chatty introvert to do?

You know it’s time for something else - you can’t keep trying to force your way through life on grit alone.

Another Netflix binge with a pizza might help you take your mind off it…but, you’re still going to bed wondering if tomorrow is going to be more of the meh same.

When we coach together you’ll…

Figure out what success actually means to you (trust me, you’ve been listening to everyone else for so long, you don’t know yet).

Deprogram a lifetime of other peoples beliefs, desires and “supposed to’s” (you really don’t need to lose 20lbs, get married, be sensible, act like a lady…but, you totally can if you want).

Learn how to take a ton of impactful action towards your goals…without sacrificing yourself or drowning in a ‘to do’ list.

let's take your life...

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I'm so happy, totally loving life right now! Of course, that's all thanks to Hannah, she literally transformed me. If I think how I was before our coaching, it's crazy.”



I'm Hannah, your permission-granter

Consider me your no-woo, chubby, messy-action-taking role model for finding joy, purpose and a shit-ton of fun...without ticking all of the boxes women are supposed to.

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Finally create your goal-achieving mindset without a single crystal or cheesy affirmation in sight