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Here’s the inconvenient truth - no amount of compliments, external markers of success of accolades are going to make you happy.

Most people move through life with a magpie-like approach to feeling good - if I just get this next thing, then I’ll know I’m good enough.

Take it from someone who’s tried - you’ll never have enough sexual partners to make you feel beautiful, never have enough loving relationships to make you feel lovable, never have enough money to make you feel smart and successful, never lose enough weight to feel accepted.

If you’re here, it’s probably because somewhere along the way, your self-worth took a battering.

This comes in many forms - from early childhood experiences, parents, trauma, partners, job-loss, financial troubles, body changes, illness, significant life changes…or, hey, just living in a world that encourages self-criticism, the pursuit of perfection and posting your filtered highlight reel on social media.

When your self-esteem is low, there’s one solution most of us turn to…

Other people. The world. Stuff.

When we’re not able to make ourselves feel good enough, lovable, just like an ok person…we go on the hunt for external validation.

We look to others for the things we aren’t giving ourselves.

And that’s why you’re here, right?

You’re done chasing the fleeting high of approval and you’re ready to trade it in for the internal knowing that you’re a fucking amazing person. Even if you’re incredibly “flawed” or haven’t achieved anything in the last week.

This is what Internal Validation Coaching is all about - loving yourself unconditionally, so that you stop letting your need for approval guide your life decisions (often with disastrous results) and bring the colour back to your life.



Hey, I’m Hannah Mia, certified life coach, self-love advocate & narcissistic abuse survivor.

I help women heal (without the eye rolls) and build the self-worth that’s been stolen from them.

I’ve been where you are - and I know that it feels like you’re moving through a black and white world (like Dorothy before she got to Oz). My coaching brings life into Technicolor - so you can not just heal, but, create an extraordinary, vibrant life.

Having spent the first 18 years of my life under the tyranny of an abusive father, I reached adulthood firmly in the red on self-worth.

I was convinced I was boring, stupid, too fat to love, unlikable, unlovable and inherently bad.

The journey to creating a fun, vibrant, Technicolor life for myself was clumsy and painful because I did it all backwards. I thought I needed the stuff first (you know, the friends, boyfriend, job, skinny body). 

When I realised I could just like, accept and be kind to myself and the rest would follow, everything changed.

The good news is, you don't need to stumble around in the dark or spend years trying to figure this out the way I did. Consider this the chink of light coming in under the door.

I’ve got your path. I’ve distilled 15 years of healing, therapy, counselling, coaching, self-help books, self-reflection, working with clients and certifications into my signature Internal Validation method.

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I'm so happy, totally loving life right now! Of course, that's all thanks to Hannah, she literally transformed me. If I think how I was before our coaching, it's crazy.”



I'm Hannah, your permission-granter

Consider me your no-woo, chubby, messy-action-taking role model for finding joy, purpose and a shit-ton of fun...without ticking all of the boxes women are supposed to.

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