Work With Me

You're pretty sure there's more to life than checking all the boxes so you can feel good at some undisclosed time in the future (which never seems to come, right?).
You're beginning to think that actually, there might be a way to love yourself, your life and your choices right now...while you work on getting the money/body/partner/laptop lifestyle.

you're right & I can help


We've been taught that great success comes from hustle, struggle and going without. But, you don't need to be a rags to riches story...or wait for your rock bottom to be truly inspired.
Bullying yourself into "fixing" everything wrong with you, your life and your business isn't the only way. In fact, you don't need fixing.
What you do need, is to love yourself, find joy in the life you have right now and fuel your great achievements with something much kinder and happier.

You've been fuelling your efforts with self-loathing, not enough-ness and shame. Together, we can start creating your dream life on a foundation of self-love, fun and plenty.

you don't need to struggle

instead of trying to fix yourself...use what you already have to create something truly incredible

1:1 coaching


Working with me one-to-one is like having a no-BS cheerleader in your pocket.
I work with women to finally love their bodies; make more money; enjoy the shit out of being single; stop being too nice; stop worrying about being too old or too far behind...
In short, I help women love themselves, be happy and create their "that's for other people" dream lives.

Life-changing, down-to-earth, 100% personal coaching to help you create anything you want


You're ready to kick life's butt, make real change and you need help getting unstuck.



If you feel alone, like you're the only person on earth who hasn't figured happiness out yet, or all your friends have got married/had kids and you don't know where you fit anymore.
You're not alone. Join a community of like-minded women, where you'll be seen, heard and totally understood. And create the life you want...together.

Did you know TONS of other women feel exactly the same way as you?


You want a community, learn well from others experiences and you're sick of doing this alone.

"I will forever have a 'Hannah in my head' helping me to reframe and refocus"

This is something I was sorely in need of doing...and has been something of a lifesaver! I will forever have a 'Hannah in my head' helping me to reframe and refocus how I handle things.
This has highlighted a lot of issues I knew were there, but that I had never confronted or worked through before and has helped me have a better idea how to manage them. I'm in a much better place and have much more awareness (and drive to fix them) now.



Yes, It Really Works

"My bookings are up 70%."

Hannah’s coaching has massively helped my mental health and I’m loving it. 
I did a little bit of maths, and my bookings are up 70%. I’ve booked 26 clients since I started this work and THREE today.
So Hannah's wisdom is definitely working! THANK YOU!


increased her bookings by 70%

"I'm so happy...Hannah literally transformed me"

I’m so happy. I’m making sales, busy and making lots of money whoop whoop, totally loving life right now!
Of course that’s all thanks to Hannah, she literally transformed me, if I think how I was before her, it’s crazy.


is living the life she dreamed of